Scan to Bim is a new service from long established company Precision Surveys. With over 40 years in business and 10,000+ surveys completed, we have always striven to offer the most advanced and accurate surveying service available, and have embraced new technologies with open arms throughout¬†the decades. We have offered cad surveys to our clients from the early 90s, and now we believe the time is right to offer more advanced deliverables in the form of Revit BIM models. These models are produced in 3D from laser scans or other forms of survey data, and from these models we output plans, sections and elevations, and issue these with the BIM file. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a big step up from traditional CAD, in fact many believe it’s even a bigger transition from the move from paper to CAD back in the 80s.

We do all our BIM and CAD work in-house, and as our BIM manager is a qualified architectural technologist, we ensure that all our models are produced to the highest standards and using the best techniques.

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